Be Prepared for the Coming Cicada Invasion!

Brood II Cicadas are scheduled to emerge in May and blanket the area.

The “Brood II Cicadas” that last blanketed our area in 1996 are scheduled to emerge this May when the ground temperature 8” down reaches 64 degrees. Don’t be caught unprepared for the Cicada Apocalypse, put together your Brood II Cicadas Preparation Kit or “B2CPK”.
B2CPK Suggested Items:

  1. Long sleeve wind breaker (with hood replaces item 3)
  2. Closed toed shoes
  3. Hair containment device (ball cap, plastic shopping bag…)
  4. Umbrella
  5. Leaf blower (for walking to the store)
  6. Ear buds with and updated playlist or Pandora app (for a break from the brain piercing cicada symphony)
  7. Gutter guards (will keep the horde from clogging your gutters)

What other items will you put in your B2CPK?

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