TJ Earns High Marks

US News AwardThomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology came in fourth in the Nation in a comparison done by US News involving 19,400 public schools garnering it a Gold Medal. Fairfax County Public Schools’ ultimate magnet school uses a STEM-focused curriculum that starts with the Integrated Biology, English and Technology program and culminates with a technical lab project for seniors. The school boasts more than 10 specialized research labs, ranging from astrophysics to oceanography. Extracurricular activities at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology include a vast array of fun and educational clubs  such as the Nanotechnology Club as well as cultural groups such as the World Culture Club and a variety of athletic teams.

TJHS Entrance

US News’ Best High School Rankings can be seen here:

We are proud that TJ has won the attention of the nation but even more so of the many young people in our community that have worked so hard to excel in their various areas of expertise that first earned them the privilege of attending TJHSST and now national recognition. We have owned & operated Williams Realty here in Fairfax County since 2004 and selling real estate since 1987. The reason we started our own brokerage was so that we would have the flexibility to put money back into the pockets of our clients and in doing so enhance their buying experience.

When you think of Northern Virginia Real Estate experts, think of Williams Realty.

Williams Realty can be reached at 703-980-4045 or  or we look forward to helping you assess your options and plan for your future.

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