Our Native Camel Cricket is Under Siege from it’s Asian Cousin

Invading Camel Cricket Species
Invading Camel Cricket Species

According to Wikipedia, “Diestrammena is a cricket genus in the family Rhaphidophoridae. It is native to Asia, including Japan.

The United States is currently undergoing a camel cricket census conducted by researchers and citizen scientists at North Carolina State University. Citizen scientists were asked to survey their homes for presence or absence of camel crickets such as those of this genus and return photos and/or specimens to the lab for further research. Researchers have found that introduced Diestrammena camel crickets were reported much more commonly than the native North American camel crickets of the genus Ceuthophilus.”

Check out this article from Discovery News to learn more about this species that appears to be here to stay:

Nightmarish Cricket That Eats Anything Is Now Invading the US

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