Crime Statistics are at Your Fingertips

The More Yo Know The Better Prepared You Can Be
The More Yo Know The Better Prepared You Can Be

The Fairfax County Police Department hosts a tool that you may find enlightening, it maps crime reports throughout Fairfax County Virginia.

Go to the link above then click on the Location tab at the top of the page under Police Events. You will be prompted to enter an address and make a selection for the radius of the search. Once you master the interface it’s a great tool for raising your awareness of the number and type of incidents that are being reported to police in a given area. This is the kind of information that you would prefer to have before rather than after buying a home.

In addition to crime reports, you can visit the Virginia State Police – Sex Offender Registry Search site at:

You will need to type in a code that is provided to you and select “Accept” indicating that you accept the conditions for use of the information. Once you are in and you familiarize yourself with the interface you will be able to search on any zip code in Virginia. The search will reveal a list of registered sex offenders and their addresses. If you click on the individuals name it shows the nature of their offence, where they work and more.

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