Safely Exchange Online Purchases & Sales

Online Shopping Safe Exchange Zones
Online Shopping Safe Exchange Zones

We have all heard the stories of terrible things happening to innocent people who’s only mistake was shopping online and agreeing to meet someone they don’t know in a strange place to complete a transaction. The risk can range from simple theft, to assault, to murder. Does this mean you should stay off of craigslist or ebay? No. It means you need to be smart and take precautions to protect yourself and be mindful that there are still risks no matter what precautins you take. The previous victims of these crimes have left us a legacy of awareness which has lead to the creation of “Safe Exchange Zones”. Thanks to them, police and sheriff’s stations and departments across the country have begun setting up these zones that are well lit and covered by video surveillance.

Here in Fairfax County, the City of Fairfax has established one such SEZ, I recommend reading this article for location details and safety tips.

These are links to other identified SEZs in our area:

Va. police establish safe zones for online buyers, sellers to meet

If you are buying or selling a large ticket item such as a car you might benefit from reading this article.

Please be safe and cautious with your online shopping and let us know if you need our help with anything real estate related.

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