USAA’s Movers Advantage Program gives their Members No Advantage


Blindly follow your loyalty at your own expense
Blindly follow your loyalty at your own expense

The internet is littered with personal accounts from buyers, sellers, and Realtors who have been burned by USAA’s MoversAdvantage Program, where brokers who participate pay a fee to “Cartus” (a 3rd party vendor).

The Members access the program through USAA’s Real Estate Rewards Network when they are referred to a USAA Realtor. The cost has increased from 30% to 40% since we first wrote about this less than beneficial program in early 2013. The Realtors are charged 40% of their commission, They pocket the lion’s share and pay the loyal USAA member a small fraction of their take. Members have to ask themselves, “Why should I pay USAA to refer me to an agent who CAN’T reduce their commission to save me money and may have no connection to the military at all”.

We have owned & operated Williams Realty since 2004. The reason we started our own brokerage was so that we would have the flexibility to put money back into the pockets of our clients.

When you think of Northern Virginia Real Estate experts, think of Spike and Julie with Williams Realty.

Williams Realty can be reached at 703-980-4045 or we look forward to helping you assess your options and plan for your future.

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