Loudoun County Taxpayers will be on the hook for the estimated $22.9mm per year contribution to Metro


A few years after ignoring the input from experts and concerned citizens who tried to prevent this project from getting a foothold in Loudoun’s operating budget, the first concrete signs have emerged making it clear that Loudoun’s annual commitment has just begun to rise.

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Silver Line Announces a “Start of Revenue Service” Date

Wiehle-Reston East Station

At long last the Silver Line has a “planned” opening date, in an announcement from Metro General Manager Richard Sarles made today. The Silver Line plans to be open on Saturday July 26st for service to the general public. Sarles warned that this date is not guaranteed because there are items that need to be completed in order to achieve that goal. Read the entire article here. http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/trafficandcommuting/silver-line-service-will-begin/2014/06/23/54a04860-fa2d-11e3-b1f4-8e77c632c07b_story.html

Cost and Travel Time

Riders originating from the Wiehle-Reston East and ending at the Pentagon station will have an estimated 44 minute ride and pay $5.90 during peak times or $3.60 during off-peak times. If you want to plan for your first trip, go to the following link and enter your starting point and destination for cost and an estimated travel time. http://silverlinemetro.com/sv-service/


There are 5 stations completed in this Phase of the Silver Line build out, I have provided a link to their map showing the locations of the stations. http://silverlinemetro.com/sv-neighborhoods/


The Silver Line brochure can be viewed at the following link and provides a good overview of pertinent information for prospective riders.



I am sure you have already heard that parking is limited at the stations that provide it and nonexistent at those that don’t, unless you count private parking options. Wiehle-Reston East offers 2047 unreserved parking space and McLean has 9 motorcycle spaces and access to a privately run lot with 700 spaces (for which I couldn’t find a price). The rest offer no parking. I was able to find the following link that quotes the daily parking rate for Wiehle-Reston East at $4.75 per day.

Airport Access

If you are interested in using the Silver Line to reach Dulles Airport, the good news is you can, the bad news is you will need to board a bus from Wiehle-Reston East to the airport. The plan is that Phase II will be completed by 2018 which will provide riders with a direct connection to Dulles.

Silver Line Phase One Delays are “Out of Control”

I thought this runaway-project was scheduled to stop in December of 2013. Having sped past its initial platform arrival date, and blowing back the hair of onlookers at the revised deadline of “Late February,” she shows no signs of slowing down for the re-revised deadline in April which brings with it financial penalties for Dulles Transit Partners. If there were speakers in the stations, one might hear a garbled voice echoing across the platforms from the public address system informing would-be riders that the train’s arrival is indefinitely delayed and to please make their way to the exits.

“I can’t decide if this project is just off the tracks,
or if it’s a full-fledged train wreck.”

According to officials with MWAA, DTP failed to meet seven of twelve criteria outlined in the contract. The issues ranged from missing paperwork related to safety and security certifications to occupancy permits for train stations. They also said there were water leaks in some buildings and problems with the elevators and escalators at the train stations. It has also come to light that the speakers that had been installed throughout the stations are now being removed and replaced due to a code violation. And last but certainly not least, the Automatic Train Control System requires replacement of critical components to ensure communications with Metro Control Center and the system’s stability leaves much to be desired. Some reports indicate that the trains stop unexpectedly, while others say that the part of the system that ensures that trains keep sufficient distance from one another isn’t working. I can see why they would need to correct those issues, if both are true that sounds like a deadly combination. To date there is no one with MWAA or DTP willing to stick their neck out and say when the project will be completed.

Stay tuned to see what the consequences for DTP will be for their mistakes and delays and when we can expect to be able to start reaping some benefit for the exorbitant investment Virginians have made to temper their traffic woes.